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Julia Sandstrom
KTVU Channel 2 Meteorologist

“The treatment I received at Allergy Relief Centers gave me relief from life long headache pain. At 8 years old, my family doctor hospitalized me to determine why I constantly complained that my head hurt. Since then I've sought answers from many health professionals. None of the prescriptions helped and many times created unwanted side effects. I never thought I'd be able to live pain free, but since being treated at Allergy Relief Centers I have not had one headache. Additionally, my young son suffered miserably with itchy, watery eyes constantly and that has now also completely cleared up and my daughter used to complain about very bad stomach aches and they have disappeared altogether. What impressed me the most was the fact that we all experienced tremendous relief without the use of drugs. I strongly recommend Allergy Relief Centers for anyone suffering from allergy related conditions.”

"My son and I both had allergy symptoms that were quite annoying. My son had symptoms to citrus and vitamin C, which made food choices very difficult. His reaction to those items would be severe vomiting that would last 6-8 hours. This happened at least once a month and almost always happened while at school or daycare. I'd get the call that his side hurt and I knew that meant I had about 15 minutes to get from work and get him before it started. He is such a happy go lucky kid so it was awful to seem him so miserable when these reactions occurred. He would inadvertently get something that would make him ill. We tried out best but stuff happens. For example, someone put some lime juice to thin out nacho cheese at a sporting event. So we are thinking he is just eating nachos and all of the sudden he is so sick again. Capri Sun changed their formula so something he had for years he could no longer tolerate. That was a hard one to figure out because in our minds nothing had changed until we noticed a small notation on label. Anyway Dr. Stalker assessed him and he went through the treatments in December 2009. Here it is 21 months later and he hasn't gotten sick one time. He eats whatever he wants including all citrus and even eats oranges. For 11 years he suffered and he is just fine now. Simply amazing for our family. For me, I had a bunch of reactions, the worst being anything with a perfume/cologne scent. I had terrible headaches every day for years and years but then would get exposed to someone wearing heavy perfume and then it would become a migraine and my taste buds would make everything taste metallic for a day or two. I can't control the public and this would happen too often (church, meetings). I had the treatments and although I still don't like the smell it doesn't cause me any reaction anymore. I haven't had one migraine or tasting issue since January 2010. I was also having symptoms when I had aspartame, which is in anything diet pretty much. I was a big diet soda drinker and as I mentioned above I had headaches every day for as long as I can remember. Once I stopped the diet sodas my headaches completely disappeared. I can't begin to tell you how much better my quality of life is now than before the treatments. I was skeptical at first too but figured I had to give it a try and I am so happy that we feel so much better now. We will be forever grateful for Dr. Stalker and this amazing treatment. My niece also went through treatments as she had been diagnosed with ADHD. Turns out sugars were putting a stress on her system. My sister monitored them in her diet and my niece no longer needed the ADHD medicine. This treatment is truly amazing."
- Laura G, Pleasanton ca

"I have dealt with allergy symptoms all my life taking numerous medications with very few results and ongoing efforts to watch my diet to avoid outbreaks when I would eat certain foods. Working in healthcare, I sought out the Bay Area's best allergists and dermatologists seeking the latest treatments. I was prescribed the latest medications with minimal effect and a lot of drowsiness. Roughly one year ago I experienced an outbreak causing my skin to develop a rash over my entire body with dry redness across my face looking like I needed SPF 400 to prevent the perpetual sunburn. I visited several dermatologists given ointments and creams to apply night and day. I even tried photo light therapy. It caused little effect and the itching and redness continued. When I heard about Dr Stalker's office from a friend, I was initially skeptical but had tried everything I could with little improvement. I decided to pay a visit and now I wish I had visited many years ago. Not only has my skin cleared up but the redness and itchiness has decreased tremendously. Even with a minor flare up, Dr Stalker was able to treat me quickly and my skin has returned to its usual complexion. The most amazing thing from this experience is that I've been able to eat seafood for the first time in my life! I've had to avoid fish, crab and lobster all my life as I would get symptoms after eating them . Now I can dine at sushi restaurants and enjoy my meal without any symptoms. Dr Stalker has created a new life for me and I will be forever grateful."
- Mike L.

"I had no idea that allergy symptoms could affect people in so many ways. I originally went to Dr. Stalker for relief from seasonal allergy symptoms. I had a lifetime of different medications and shots to treat those symptoms and none of the treatments really worked. After seeing Dr. Stalker, I had a sneeze free spring for the first time in my life. During the course of the treatment I learned I also had other reactions that could be affecting my cardio vascular system. I love to exercise, but I struggled with cardio fitness. I put in the time, but was frustrated because some days I felt fine and others my heart rate would reach my max within minutes. I had seen heart specialists and was told my heart was fine and that I might have asthma. I saw an asthma specialist and was told that it must be something else. Many Doctors no answers. After getting several treatments by Dr. Stalker I no longer have the cardio issues. I have started doing triathlons and I love it. Anyone struggling with seasonal allergy symptoms or cardio fitness should see Dr. Stalker. "
- James Nunes

"Have you suffered with allergy symptoms for years? I did- now Dr. Stalker's treatments have made a significant and positive change in my life. The treatments are remarkably easy to go through - no needles - and take only a few minutes each time. Within a day or two you begin to feel a difference in the area treated. It is difficult to believe until you experience this yourself. Now I no longer have to rely on medications. No more congestion and sinus headaches. A colleague recommended Dr. Stalker to me when my sinusitis was not responding to medication. I am thankful she did. Now I recommend Dr. Stalker. Take advantage of Dr Stalker's special offer on his web site at You will be very pleased at what you discover about yourself. "
- Doreen Hough

"All of my life skin contact with wool felt like 'crawling pins and needles' on my skin. The carpet, already in the home my husband and I purchased, had to have wool in it because I could not walk barefoot on it without that same feeling on the soles of my feet. I also could not touch my husband's wool socks without wearing latex gloves when doing laundry. After just one treatment at East Bay Allergy Center, I am free of this problem. I no long use gloves to do the laundry and I am enjoying walking barefoot on my carpet. Thank you, Dr. Stalker!"
- Victoria Shirley

"I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Stalker at East Bay Allergy Relief Center. Not only is he an honest and caring guy, but his treatments have completely transformed my life! Before going to see Dr. Stalker, I was completely miserable. I had gone to every doctor one could try and every doctor I saw could not diagnose what was wrong with me. I had everything from blood tests to CAT scans done without any relief or glimpse of hope. Finally a doctor suggested that all of my symptoms could just be a combination of really terrible allergies and they recommended I go see a traditional allergist to figure out which things I was allergic to and then just avoid all of those things. Around this same time I heard about Dr. Stalker and his practice from other past clients of his who had great success with the relief of their symptoms with him and decided to give him a try. When I picked up the phone to call him, I have to admit, even after all the success stories I had heard, I was a total skeptic. However, with as miserable as I was feeling, I figured I had nothing to lose by trying him out especially since he offers to give you a refund for any treatments that cannot be cleared after 3 attempts. He was able to identify several substances that could be contributing to my symptoms and because of his low pressure and strong, honest belief in the technology; I decided to get them all treated. Within a few days of my first few treatments, the change in my quality of life was drastic! I went from suffering from chronic fatigue, constant bloody noses, severe ear pain, tinnitus, severe congestion, and migraines to NOTHING! It was truly a miracle! I had my life back! Since my personal successes with Dr. Stalker, I have recommended him to many friends, family members, and other health care professionals and all who have seen him have also had great success. If you are suffering from any allergy symptoms, I would strongly recommend that you go and see Dr. Stalker for treatment so you no longer have to suffer with symptoms."
- Lauren (San Mateo, CA)

"My 10 year old son Jared has suffered from severe indoor/outdoor allergy symptoms all his life. Even on medication he would still have reactions year round. I would have to send him to school with a box of Kleenex. In February of 2009 I took him off all allergy medication due to adverse side effects and was quite frustrated not knowing what I should do next with him. We definitely did not want to do shot treatments. I saw an article in the newspaper for Allergy Relief Centers. I called and Dr. Stalker accommodated us immediately. Dr. Stalker did an assessment and found that Jared had found multiple items that were putting stress on his system and causing his symptoms. We started treatment right away and after only 3 treatments my son woke up not blowing his nose. That never happened in his life!! We continued and finished all the treatments he needed with outstanding improvements each time. It has been such an amazing experience. Neighbors, teachers, friends ask us all the time what happened to Jared he is not blowing his nose anymore? Jared has a new lease on life. He is playing lacrosse out on a grassy field, he is fishing, he is outside constantly playing sports, skateboarding, etc. All because he now can. He is completely symptom free and off all medications. Because of the success of my son's treatment I am now also being treated as well as my Mom. I have also referred several friends and neighbors. It has been such a pleasure being treated by Dr. Stalker he works well with everyone. My son loved going to see him. He always took the time to answer questions and explain things. Jared still says to me "I can't believe I am symptom free, I didn't think that would ever happen". He is so happy -no more congestion, sneezing, runny nose or hoarse voice. Thank you Dr. Stalker you have changed our lives. We continue to appreciate your kindness and professionalism. July 2009 July 2009"
- Liz Armstrong (Pleasanton, CA)

"After many years of suffering from a painful chronic sinus infection and having tried many other methods I finally found help with AAT. I am so very thankful to be free of the pain that plagued me for most of my life. It's like I've been given a new life. If you suffer with symptoms, I strongly urge you to try AAT."
- Christa Kaltenberg (Danville, CA)

"For as long as I can remember I've had severe acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome. The pain was so great that sometimes I couldn't get out of bed. I've taken every imaginable kind of medicine for it, but it only temporarily masked the symptoms. The problem seemed to be getting worse with time, so out of desperation I tried AAT and I found out that I had a number of foods that were causing stress in my system that I was completely unaware of. After the treatments and now for the first time in my life I am not experiencing any digestive discomfort whatsoever. I was also very pleasantly surprised by the fact that since being treated I have lost 15 pounds without changing my diet or exercise habits."
- Wayne Crockett (Pleasanton, CA)

"Chronic fatigue and migraine headaches have plagued my existence since my teenage years. The pain in my head felt like a sharp knife and my vision would be blurred for days at a time. When I wasn't having a migraine my energy level was so low that it was all I could do to get out of bed. One of the medications my neurologist gave me put me in the hospital due to an extreme over-reaction. I was sick to death of being a walking pharmacy. A friend of mine literally dragged me in to Dr. Stalker's office to get the AAT treatment done. Since I finished my treatment the migraines that haunted me for over 30 years are but a distant, dark memory and my energy levels are through the roof! I thank my lucky stars everyday that I found AAT. I feel like a new person."
- Shelley Davis (San Ramon, CA)

"I have suffered from asthma my entire life. For as long as I can remember I have been on medications and inhalers. I wheezed constantly and I had labored breathing the majority of the time. I've been to many; many specialists only to have my condition deteriorate as time went on. I had been researching treatments for allergy symptoms that didn't involve drugs and I came across AAT. The results have been beyond my wildest dreams. I no longer wheeze, I can breathe freely and I can even participate in physical activities that I never could have before. I also had rough patches on my skin all over my body and that has also cleared up completely. The quality of my life has improved dramatically since I was treated I highly recommend AAT for anyone suffering from allergy symptoms."
- Cindy McGill (Dublin, CA)


"People often politely asked me whether I missed eating wheat as it is such a popular ingredient in everything from bread to beer and soy sauce to ice cream. My response was that I missed it, but was not tempted because the consequences of eating it were immediate, uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing. Though not life threatening, consequences included an immediate bloated feeling, sweating, shortness of breath and sometimes a bright red flush. Discovering my reaction at 37 and eliminating wheat from my diet allowed me a level of physical comfort not known for many years. However, as a CEO I travel a lot and frequently meet with people over meals and picking safe menu items was always a challenge. Having my been treated by Dr. Stalker at The Allergy Relief Center has allowed me to eat a variety of foods with wheat and I am enjoying both the expanded diet and an increased level of confidence in business and social situations. My two Daughters have also benefited from being treated. Our 16 year old who suffered from headaches and chronic nasal congestion has experienced a significant reduction in both. Our nine year old as been successfully treated as well."
- Jerry D. Chase


"After suffering from a chronic cough for over 20 years, I was beginning to believe there was no hope for any treatment to improve my situation. I had tried everything imaginable in search of some relief. Until I found AAT - what a life changing experience it has been. My daily cough (that often turned into asthma) is now gone. In all honesty, this has truly been an amazing experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Give it a try I'm certainly glad that I did!!!"
- Patricia Esplin (Pleasanton, CA)


"After years of suffering from allergy symptoms and constant fatigue I decided to see Dr. Stalker. I was reactive to multiple items that were contributing to my persistent congestion and postnasal drip. I began to feel significantly better after just the first week of treatments. By the time I finished all of my treatments a few weeks later I was virtually clear. Not only had my sinus symptoms been relieved, but also my energy level returned to a point that I hadn't had in years, which was a very pleasant surprise. I would definitely recommend that anyone suffering from symptoms associated with allergies or sensitivities to give the AAT treatments a try - it certainly worked for me."
- David Thorpe (San Ramon, CA)



"Dr. Stalker, Graydon just had his follow-up appointment with you last week but I wanted to let you know that we continue to see really dramatic improvements in his behavior each day. He is having great success at school and at his after-school program. He seems much less anxious and is able to really enjoy himself. It's as if a switch has finally been turned on and everything is connecting properly. We've tried many things to help him in the past couple of years but have only seen minor success. Going to you was just about our last "trick" and I confess the practical side of me was a little skeptical. Now after his treatments and his system have adjusted, the positive effects are obvious. Thank you so much (and Maria Berkeley for referring us). Happy Holidays..."
- Debra Perry (San Francisco, CA)


"Thank you for using the AAT program on me. I was very skeptical at first, but I am convinced now that it works 100%. We started in December of 2007 and continued until sometime in February 2008. I have not had any of my symptoms since and no cold or flu either. Thank you again and happy holidays."
- Baldor Ziel (Henderson, NV)



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